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Five good friends Mark Deluca, Jase Moser, Matt Lay, John Huffman, and Derek White formed Tel Star in winter of 2001. Amazingly, "Days Gone by" (the first track from their debut CD) was written their first night of practice. Tel Star went through several line-up changes during the course of the next year but continued to work hard and remain honest. Tel Star's hard work paid off and they were privileged enough to have their first appearance opening up for Punchline at Club Laga on March 16th 2002.
Through the years, Tel Star has progressed creatively and musically. They have opened for national acts such as the Used, Further Seems Forever, Fall Out Boy, Home Grown, and their very good friends Punchline.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, this band shatters all expectations as they barrel through the twelve tracks on their debut CD, "Country Western Love". Tel Star's sound packs together large barbed riffs, pop driven melodies and the use of dynamic, yet melodic harmonies/screaming, completed with thick percussion and pummeling rolls to form a runaway truckload of potent emotion. Organizing all of this in an intelligently structured fashion gives the band its amazingly unique sound.

The biggest factor that distinguishes Tel Star from other bands is their heartfelt purity, a quality that was undeniably captured in part by the production and engineering work done on this album by drummer, Derek White. The bands honesty shines through the music. The songs are utterly naked, soaked with love and hate, showering dense textures with compelling vibrant emotion that can crush the listener with a tidal wave of torrid enthusiasm

Just Recently the band became unsure what to do because long time bassist Seth Miller temporarily relocated. The band decided not to waste time. Dedicating all their free time to their debut album, the remaining members (Derek White, Mark Deluca and Chris Katchmar) managed to complete the recording process while looking for a new bass player. After a long struggle, they decided to go with long time friend, Collin Langdon. Getting back on their feet, these fine lads continue to strive to overcome everything and begin working hard once again.